Frequently Asked Questions

Are there hard copies of The Meal Prep Manuals?

No. The books are only available in digital form.

are the meal prep manuals good for weight loss/weight gain?

Yes. They can work for whatever your goals are. Each recipe has tips for making the meals more weight gain or weight loss friendly. However, because weight gain/loss is specific to the individual, it is not possible to create a one size fits all recipe for everyone. You ultimately need to determine the serving size on the meals to fit your goals.

Do the recipes include macronutrient and calorie counts?

Yes. The actual counts will vary depending on sizes of vegetables, weights of meat, and differing brands of products. If you need precise values you will want to weigh and calculate macros on your own. You can still follow the recipes but will get a more accurate value this way. If you just need calorie estimates, the included calorie and macro counts will be close enough!

Where do you get your containers from?

Amazon. You can find links to all of the products I use by clicking on this sentence.

How can I order meals?

I do not prepare and sell any physical meals, just digital cookbooks.

Are you a chef?

I am not a professionally trained chef and I did not attend culinary school. I am just someone who enjoys cooking and has worked to perfect the art of meal prepping.

DO the Meal prep manuals have metric measurements?

The recipes included in The Meal Prep Manuals use imperial measurements, not metric. If you are outside of the United States and want to make the recipes in the books you will need to convert the measurements.

Do you have any vegan or vegetarian options?

No. I am a meat eater and my recipes reflect the way that I eat.