The Meal Prep Manual 60 Minute Meals Cover
The Meal Prep Manual - 3rd Edition 60 Minute Meals

The Meal Prep Manual - 60 Minute Meals is here! This digital cookbook contains 30 meal prep recipes that can be prepped, plated, and cleaned up in 60 minutes. I wrote this cookbook with the busy person in mind. Not many of us wan to spend hours in the kitchen each week. Time is valuable and finding ways to be more efficient during our cooking hours can give us time to do more of what we want!

With The Meal Prep Manual - 60 Minute Meals you will have a collection of healthy, quick, and delicious recipes to choose from.  A 1 hour time investment can provide you with a weeks worth of lunches, saving you money, stress, and most importantly time!!

Recipes include Firecracker Chicken, Deconstructed Cheeseburger Bowls, Gluten Free Chicken Parmesan and many more! Meal prep shouldn't be boring. With this book you can add variety to your meals with flavorful recipes that you will be excited to eat!

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